Prince Rupert Pioneers’ Association

The first meeting of the Prince Rupert Pioneers' Association took place at the old Premier Hotel on July 1, 1914. Any person was eligible for membership who had taken up residence in Prince Rupert prior to May 1, 1909 before the first public auction sale of lots.

Present at that meeting were John Viereck, W. H. Cook, Mr. and Mrs. George Leek, Mrs. Wm. Manson, Mrs. E. J. Kennedy, Mrs. Carroll, Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Morrison, William Brunnell, N.S. Ford, George W. Kerr, George W. Morrow, Harry B. Rochester, C. L. Cullen, Frank P. Morgan, Capt. Swanson, Capt. Khort, V. F. Kelly, F. Clarke, John Currie, David H. Hays, WIlliam Manson, M.P.P., Arthur Cuthbert, D. W. Morrissey, John Dybhavn, Alfred J. Galland, Frank W. Hart, and Jack Unwin.

Officers elected at that first meeting were: President - David H. Hays (brother of the GTP railway genius, Charles M. Hays, who gave this port its name) Vice-President - William Manson, M.P.P. Secretary - Arthur Cuthbert The Executive Committee included D. W. Morrissey, John Dybhavn, and Alfred J. Galland. The Membership Committee included Frank W. Hart, W. R. Morrison, and Arthur Cuthbert.

The slogan, “Prince Rupert emerging from the campfire of 1908” was adopted as the official badge.

In 1914, the Prince Rupert Pioneers' Association published a Charter Souvenir booklet which tells the story of the early Prince Rupert townsite, its development, and the pioneers “that endured the hardships of living in a town on an island of forest.”

“This souvenir is dedicated by the Prince Rupert Pioneers to the memory of CHARLES MELVILLE HAYS Whose far-seeing genius selected this Port as the Terminus of the Greatest Transcontinental Railway of the World”

Membership application for Peter W. Anderson. The application provided the member's name, occupation, address, the name of the ship and date of arrival, and the signatures of two member who could verify these facts.

Membership applications Prince Rupert Pioneers' Association fonds, 980.17

The objective of the Association was to gather and preserve facts written or otherwise, photographs, plans, relics, and historical information and records relating to the City of Prince Rupert and its pioneer citizens.

On January 10, 1927, the Pioneers' Association was re-organized.

The Pioneer's Association held an annual banquet each year. People would come from afar to attend the banquet and reminisce about the past. Their official song "We're Here Because We're Here" was always sung and the evenings were enjoyed by all.

Signatures of Pioneers Prince Rupert Pioneers' Association fonds, 1997.020

Frederick John (Jack) Fuller, 1869 - 1956 Dr. R. Geddes Large fonds, LP984-29-1759-12

A story, "Early Days in Prince Rupert", written by Jack Fuller, a carpenter, who arrived in Prince Rupert in December 1906. To read the full letter (29 pages), click the following link to load the corresponding record; then click "download/view PDF" (size: 43.3 MB). Jack Fuller, L984-38-458-26

Pioneers who also arrived prior to 1910 included H.R. Eastman, John A. Lindsay, Duncan McKenzie, John Munro, William Henry Vickers, John L. Mitchell, Arthur H. Silversides, Charles O'Rouf, O.A. Johnson, Duncan Munro, Aaron W. Edge, B.J. Bacon, John Bergman, Adolf Ivarson, F.W. Hart, George W. Johnstone, W. Dennis, Peter W. Anderson, Robert Hanna, John Gurvich, Nora A. Johnstone, Najeeb Mussallem, Massidai Mussallem, Annie, G. Jack, Daniel Archie, Gus R. Anderson, W.E. Bailey, A. C. Beathy, A. Budnick, Percy R. Cameron, William Henry Derry, Harvey F. Fraser, Ben Ferguson, Frederick Garton, James Hampton, Henry Letourneau, George Letts, Frank Lundy, Mrs. J.W. Moorehouse, G.R. Mitchell, Rod A. McLeod, Robert E. Lambley, John S. Laurenson, Christina J. McLeod, Christina A. McLeod, William McLeod, James A. Morrison, Jarvis H. McLeod, J.W. McKinley, Roderick McRae, William J. Raymond, J.W. Ratchford, Fred Riffou, John Richardson, Henry Smith, George Scott, John Storrings, W. J. Thomas, Alex Yule, G. Vaccher, A. J. Prudhomme, Joe Jack, A. J. Galland, Fred Wesch, Robert McKay, John G. Viereck, Seville (Sam) M. Newton, Harry Daggett, Melvin M. Stephens, Arthur Brooksbank, Capt. Babington, S. A. Yager, Pat Philipson, W. J. Greer, J. Denny Allen, Jack Fuller, and Maud Viereck.